Events of NIT Srinagar; Dental College Jammu are reminiscent of 1990s


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By Every Kashmiri Pandit 

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A slap there, a push here and the Naara-e-…… every once in a while.

Most Kashmiri Pandits had accepted this as the norm in those days of 1980s that led up to the final exodus of the community which did not convert in Kashmir. Those who have come to learn about Kashmir only through the limited knowledge of the Kashmir Issue and the militancy and the unrest, only have to open Rajtarangini to understand the history of Kashmir and must.

There is a reason why a large number of Kashmiri Muslims (KMs) still hold the same last names as did their Kashmiri Pandit forefathers. Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Abdullah, founder of National Conference and grandfather of Omar Abdullah was a descendent of a Kashmiri pandit named Ragho Ram Kaul who converted to Islam in 1722 A.D. as per “Atish e Chinar”, Sheikh Abdullah’s official autobiography. Muslims of today in Kashmir are the result of conversions in 14th century that since continued.

KPs were a highly educated people and as such even with their small numbers, 5 percent of total population, they dominated the administrative numbers before and after the independence. Before partition, the KMs used to go to and work in Pakistan. It was easier to travel to Pakistan as the Jammu-Srinagar connectivity was not as good as it is at present. The response on the work end in Pakistan was not favourable. It is curious that many KMs want to go to Pakistan even today when both the groups do not understand each other’s language.

The NIT incident at Srinagar that led to the closing down of the institution and the Dental college incident in Jammu used to be scattered events in past. Any non-local student, who has done their MBBS or Engineering from govt institutions in Srinagar can testify on the anti-India sentiment, sloganeering, pro-Pakistan over-emotionalism that is widespread in the Kashmir of today.

These anti-India voices were not nipped in the bud and the results are evident today. The attacks on Kashmiri students in different parts of the country have mostly been results of their alleged Anti-India expression. These incidents in different parts of the country have only started increasing in the last few years. The youngsters go out to different states in India for education and raise the same slogans only to see that people do not tolerate that kind of non-sense there.

A sizeable population from Kashmir has winter homes in Jammu but none from Jammu have similar summer houses in Kashmir.

The Merry-making Dogras and the so called united KPs in Jammu are living at the centre of Jammu. The settlements of a certain section of the society from Kashmir are on the outskirts of Jammu in the last one decade is one large circle around the population living at the centre

If any insurgency were to erupt in Jammu those in the middle of the city would be the most effected due to no present exit route.

The views expressed in this article are of a Kashmiri Pandit, who was scared to not have his name published. U4UVoice does not take responsibility of this piece nor the views expressed in it.