Ever noticed there are more rods in last window seat in the sleeper and general coaches? Here’s why!


Many times, a lot of minute details go unnoticed by our eyes. Even if we find something unusual or different, we tend to ignore it. But generally, those minute and unusual things have a reason to be there. Same is the case with having more rods installed in all the four windows next to the door of a train coach. This detail has thoughtful and interesting reasoning.

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Railways never do anything without logic and here also there is logic. It might be very few people who noticed that more rods are installed in the last window of the rail coach (or you can say all four windows next to the door). This is just to prevent theft.

Yes, it will be quite easy to steal things from the windows next to the door. Trains usually wait at outer of many stations; where other windows of the coach are at sufficient height but the windows next to the door are reachable because of the footsteps below the door.

Due to a lesser gap between the rods, things cannot be taken out easily.

Similarly, the Railways have also started the Wadala Experiment by painting some yellow stripes on the track at the points where maximum accidents took place while crossing the track. It is done to make people able to have an appropriate estimation of how far the train is from them when they are crossing the track. Usually, people fail to have a correct estimate of the distance between them and the approaching train, which is the cause of many fatal accidents.