Everyone wants a ministerial berth in BJP Jammu; Madhav to visit

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, March 29: Bharatiya Janata Party general secretary Ram Madhav will be reaching Jammu tomorrow, for the process of government formation has begun in the state. This will be his second visit in a week.

Sources say Madhav’s visit is aimed at distribution of portfolios and inclusion of fresh faces in the Cabinet. All was not well with the BJP when former Deputy Chief Minister Nirmal Singh went to give the letter of support to Governor NN Vohra on March 25 while state party president Sat Sharma, did not accompany him.

BJP later stated that the party had decided to send only one candidate for the Governor’s meeting.

One of the MLAs said that, when Nirmal Singh went to submit the letter of consent to the Governor alone, it was clear that there had been disagreement within the party over the fielding of the new team for the coalition.

He said though the issue also reached the state RSS headquarters Vir Bhawan for the Sangh’s intervention, divided opinion of splinter groups in the BJP had stalled the process of portfolio distribution, requiring the intervention of Madhav once again.

Meanwhile, sources revealed that BJP and PDP were discussing over the issue, including the date for the oath ceremony.

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