Exclusive : How safe is a girl in our Country ?

The whole world was pinked in the color of International Girl Child’s day. So was our country. Celebrating something which has a doubtful existence.

Celebrating something that in itself is a question to be thought about. Where the whole world is celebrating daughters, it burns hearts to think of what all is happening in the country.

Daughters who are considered to be the purest form of God’s creations are being raped and slaughtered.

I wonder how the parents of Asifa must be feeling who lost their daughter to the hands of those devils. Her voice must be echoing in the ears of all those who with a huge courtesy and pain are fighting vigorously to get her justice.

But what is the point? We have already lost not just her but hundreds of daughters who are never going to come back. Their parents are going to live a life full of pain and miseries. Their heart is going to get crushed every time the thought of their daughter is going to pop up in their head. The worst part is that they will always fail to escape it.

Don’t their hands tremble when they touch these angels? Where is our country moving? What is happening is clearly letting the humanity down. It is a shame and disgrace to our existence if we are letting ourselves be just the witness of such cruelty.

It is very ironical to see the celebration of Girl Child’s Day when our girls are living in the most unsafe atmosphere.

What is the point in blessing them with life if only they are going to live it like a curse? If you actually want them to live, prove it to them that they are going to be living in a paradise not hell.

Give them an atmosphere where they can breathe freely like happy souls. Make their girlhood beautiful and womanhood even better. They deserve it all, give it to them!

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