Exclusive : Prominent Hotel in Jammu – Continues services charges on Food bills


In GST regime service charges/ service tax is not applicable, Even though some prominent Hotels & Restaurants are charging Customers for the same in Jammu.

U4UVoice has received a complaint from one of the customer Mr. Raksham Gupta who was overcharged by Hari Niwas Hotel, Jammu. He says in his Compliant to U4Uvoice

Hey i need to complain about Hari Niwas they are charging 75 for water bottle of mrp rs 20 n they are charging additional 10% service tax whereas GST is extra 5% it will be very grateful if you will look into this matter.”

The Bill Copy is attached here ;



This is not something which has happened once or twice. Most of the time we are getting over charged by Hotels, Restaurants, Grossery shops & Marts etc.

Past few days U4UVoice have received many complaints made by customers for getting overcharged & LMD has taken strict action against them as well.

Most of the time, We let the things go without paying much heed, as we don’t want to fight for small amount & above that we are not aware about our rights.

Being a responsible & Civilized citizens , It is our duty to Know our Rights

If someone is trying to make fool of us or Overcharging  for anything by any means, do make a complaint about the same & raise your Voice against the wrong.

Government has initiated many measures to make life easy for common people by bringing out many laws, But it becomes our duty to follow them & if we see something wrong we need to complaint about the same otherwise there will be no use of these initiatives made by Govt. & Our life will never get easy.

So, Dear Citizens of Jammu & Kashmir, WAKE UP & KNOW YOUR RIGHTS TODAY



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