Exclusive : Regular traffic Jam Irks people, have become a common issue on Jammu Roads

Jammu, Jan 13 : The Traffic situation has worsened across Jammu City. A beeline of vehicles was stranded at many places across the city.
Failure of the authorities to check frequent traffic jams in Jammu City here causes immense inconvenience to the commuters.

The  vehicles in the Jammu city are increasing day by day resulting in painful traffic jams. We see traffic jams and congested roads around the rotaries of Jammu city and on busy roads especially during the evening.

Not only the increasing traffic, it is the people who are to be blamed for the traffic jams as they haphazard parking of personal vehicles on the roadsides disrupts the free flow of traffic movement everywhere in the city.

Minibuses plying on different routes are also a massive cause behind the traffic jams as they randomly stop their vehicles in the middle of the roads to pick and drop the passengers. It seems that they are least concerned about the miseries of the people caught behind them in the traffic jams that they cause.

 In absence of any traffic regulation, unending traffic congestion occurs daily on vital routes including the Narwal Mandi road, Jewal Chowk, Below Gumat, Rugunaath Tample Road, BC Road and other areas as well.
Our Correspondent observed that failure of the traffic department to ensure smooth flow of traffic has evoked strong resentment among the commuters and locals.

“Frequent traffic jams have drastically affected our lives and business. The worst affected are the employees and students,” Ishan Raina, a B.sc student told our correspondent.

“Drivers of trucks and Buses and other private cars  are themselves responsible for traffic mess by parking their vehicles wrongly or racing to leave the city first, consequently ending up in traffic jam,” said the locals.

Buses halt on roads, causing traffic jams and accidents.

“Narrow roads, encroachments of pavements by vendors are the main reasons of traffic jams,” they added.

“Traffic jams can prove detrimental for patients in case of any medical emergency. Ironically, the concerned authorities are acting as mute spectators,” the locals said.
They said wrong parking of vehicles on main roads also contributes to traffic jams. Ironically, police only regulate traffic movement to facilitate VIP movement.
“We appeal the government to take measures to ensure smooth flow of vehicular traffic,” the locals said.

With Inputs from CJ Wasim Majnoon Mir

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