Exclusive : The Past & The Present Politicians are – The True Destructors of Our Nation


Wasn’t it better to have been living in an era in which India was ruled over by the British? Considering what we have now, it feels much more satisfying to be ruled by some other country rather than being governed by those ministers who do not even deserve to be what they are.

The worst part is that it is us who have chosen them. It is us who have made them what they are and have given them this opportunity.

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The struggle of all those freedom fighters has totally gone in vain who literally lived all their lives to snatch freedom from the British Empire. Who dedicated their prime to the nation just for the sake of having liberty to be able to form own constitution.

Now that we have got all that they died for, what are we doing about it? 70 years of Independence and our nation is still stranded in the middle of nowhere being controlled by those who instead of rectifying the loopholes of the nation are pushing it into a deeper and darker black hole for making their own fortunes out of it. This needs a clear criticism.

A politician is supposed to be an individual who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making in government. Politicians play a central role in our lives.

They are the concentrated voices of the people that make all efforts to improve their constituencies and peoples’ welfare. Good and dependable politicians are delight to serve the people and consider themselves as servants and people their paymasters.

They represent the hopes, aspirations and the interests of every citizen in the state.

A politician’s qualities are his character that is natural, while some of the qualities are as a result of external influences.

Promising politicians qualities are often backed by skills, experiences, intelligence, integrity, with instincts -all combined together to achieve their goals. First and foremost, the best quality of a politician is honesty, God fearing and loving. A faithful and effective politician is trustworthy and reliable.

He must capture the essence of truth, display sincerity, candor and practices what he preaches. He makes decisions and accepts responsibility for his actions and his words.

The same is true in his dealing with his people. He makes promises and keeps those promises. Somebody that people may be relied upon.

Loving people with all his heart, might, mind, soul and striving to help them as a true mark of responsible politician. But the fate of our country had something else written for it.

Politicians here are everything but what they actually should be. Where the world is moving towards the best of its growth, our country is degrading.

A country that fought to have its own constitution is so deprived of the pleasure of actually having an ideal set of politicians and a governmental body.

Till date we do not have penalized and aim oriented politicians who actually want to contribute to their nation but instead they are too mean and think of their personal interest always.

We as citizens need to understand the value of this freedom we gained to have our own choice. We need to understand the value of being governed by those whom we choose.

Our wrong choices have led us to a devastated condition where we cannot even blame anyone else for what we are facing. These politicians have power because we have given it to them. We have given them the right to exploit us in every possible manner.

We have failed in electing our leaders who are never going to be eligible enough to be called our role models. It is always better to have lesser in quantity but fine in quality. We do not need self centered ministers who would not even do what they are being paid for.

We need those great and educated leaders who take up their responsibility in a more serious way. We do not get adequate directions and guidance and hence, our wrong selection is damaging the base of our country and is a self destruction.

Not just us but also our generations will have to face the consequences. Leaders lead and we and our generations learn from them.

We actually get what we deserve. Since, there is a difference between a chance and a choice! It is high time to have some introspection by ourselves and make sure that we earn all the goodness we fought for till ages.