Exclusive : The True Essence of Feminism


With the fleeing of time the era has reached a point where in women have come up with the drastic hike in the quality of treatment they were being given. They say that the growth of the country is judged by the way the women of that country are being treated, and the ones who support this in an obsessive way are considered to be the preachers of feminism.

Well, being a feminist is worth it but if it is directionless, the whole concept goes in vain. It always feels tremendous meeting people who favor women rights and fight for them to be treated with the similar vision as for the male society, but what else can be seen are people who are totally portraying a wrong description of what we call women empowerment.

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These two terms are interconnected and interdependent as well. The true meaning of empowering women is to letting them make their own ways. Giving them all the rights to live their life the way it positions them equal to men. But that doesn’t mean they should be respected for the gender they hold.

It is wrong because this type of feminism no longer stands for equality. Aside from the persistence to break the glass ceiling, women have left equality behind in pursuit of bigotry.

Those who don’t agree with them are seen as not only wrong but “oppressive” and “sexist,” which is an alarming and slippery stance to take. Feminists should not be entering certain fields or workplaces to prove a point, nor wearing specific clothes to get a reaction and call someone out. Feminism should be and is truly about equal freedom and rights to pursue whatever a woman may choose with equal opportunity proving that they deserve it. Furthermore, their success should be based solely on their own ability and adequacy in executing what they are doing and not due to quotas, controversies, or allegations of anti-feminism. A true feminist would never believe in a ‘ladies first’ that would be thrown at her. He would always welcome a ‘first come first served’. Being given a priority on the basis of what gender they hold is itself discrimination. If being treated as equal is important then it should be equally important not minding to wait in the queue. That is the true essence of being a feminist. Now, I am not saying all women that are feminists do this. There are people out there who understand this concept just not in the way society has come to understand it today. They preach about feminism being less about a woman’s sexual freedom and inclusion in different fields, and more about fighting for equal pay, equal rights and opportunities for education, and freedom of choice when it comes to marriage and pregnancy. So putting it into a nutshell, value humanity, not gender! Since a true feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.