Explaining the need for Governor’s rule in J&K


75 lives have been lost on record. Over 10,000 have been injured, some among them are blinded. That Kashmir is Indian territory has been fervently written about and spoken of but that Kashmiris also are a part of India is not so much a part of discussion. When a member of a family gets angry, the family works together to pacify the resentment and not ask for the member to leave.

But that is a different issue. The valley has not seen chaos like this for over two decades. The political class, mainstream and secessionists have allowed Kashmir to burn and the hate has turned on India.

The unrest is over 65 days old now and Rajnath Singh has visited thrice, which is more than expected, however the All Party delegation (APD) visit did not bear any fruit. The Separatists even after an invitation by the Chief Minister did not turn up for dialogue when Kashmir needed it the most.

The general rebellion in Kashmir against the APD turned against the rebels itself because the humiliated Parliamentarians on their return to New Delhi collectively opined strict action against the Separatists. Withdrawal of facilities to the separatists became the new chorus.

If the parliamentarians failed, it is of prime importance to bear in mind that the situation that has worsened under the rule of the coalition government shows that the leadership is not prepared for such insurgency. The situation is touted to only get worse and Governor’s rule needs to become top consideration.

While blaming Pakistan for fuelling the lawlessness is acceptable, the fact remains that pinning the accountability on a nation whose policy is defined by setting Kashmir on fire is not going to get things going in the state.

Many leaders from Jammu as well as in New Delhi have advocated Governor’s Rule in the state.

The valley finds the coalition as a polarising machine. There is no doubt that CM Mehbooba Mufti has tried hard to contain the situation but the situation has only got out of hand, much like sand slips out of hand when you try to grab it hard.

Mehbooba may have screamed on top of her voice in every public appearance asking for peace in recent times but the same enthusiasm to prevent Kashmir from tearing itself apart has not been visible in her ministers, even from the BJP ones. Seeing the inaction from the ministers and the legislators, there has been a widespread boycott of the government machinery.

With the Governor in Place and without the general hatred for a government that has failed to appease the anger of the masses, the centre can find it easier to broker a dialogue. The center can initiate a dialogue Process and Kashmir issue be taken up on priority.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has recently been under Governor Vohra’s Rule twice in the last two years and there was no resentment against the duration of his rule in the entire state. That sentiment can be used to placate some of the anger. A bureaucrat’s job, unlike a minister’s, does not need votes from the citizens and as far as work ethic is concerned, NN Vohra are as good as administrators come.

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