The face behind Bigg Boss revealed!


“Bigg Boss Chahate hai ki aap confession room mein aah jaaye”

Did you ever wonder who is this Bigg Boss and how does he look? Bigg Boss has reached till eight seasons and yet many of them are still unknown about the face behind that voice.

bigg bossWe bring out some pictures to you that reveal the real man behind the Bigg Boss voice. He is a voice over artist Atul Kapoor who has been working for the Bigg Boss since years.

Atul’s voice is so stern and tough that leaves contestants in fear when they are miss behaving. While Bigg Boss contestants are familiar with the voice as well as with the face behind that voice we have been listening since years.

Gautam Gulati was declared the winner of Bigg Boss Halla Bol and with that the reality show has kick-started yet another career.Reportedly, Atul gets to stay in a special secret room to monitor all the Bigg Boss contestants throughout seasons.

This article has been sourced from online media.

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