FaceBook Data Leak: Here’s how you can keep your Facebook data safe from third-party apps, games


Facebook’s latest data breach scandal has drawn everyone’s towards the vulnerability of the social media platform. From third-party app sign-on to likes and interests, users have fed massive personal data to the social media app.

With Facebook, it’s pretty easy to provide the information without realising how much of it has been exposed. This happens with any app linked with Facebook which requires minimum basic information of your public profile and posts.

Cambridge Analytica, the firm which worked with Donald Trump during 2016 US Presidential Elections is alleged to have misused private data of 50 million users. This was done through a personality test app which collected information from Facebook users.

If you’re completely off social media then kudos to you, but for those who just cannot leave Facebook here are a few steps to ‘stay safe’. While this doesn’t guarantee any protection it’s the best that can be done with the available tools.

The process is pretty simple and will require just a few minutes of your time. The first step is to open the Settings menu by clicking the down arrow button located on the top bar of your Facebook homepage. Click on ‘Privacy’ and select ‘Apps’.

App Settings on Facebook. (Facebook)
Under ‘Apps, Web sites and Plug-ins’ click on the ‘Edit’ button. This feature is enabled by default and allows you to use “apps, plug-ins, games and websites on Facebook and elsewhere”. In essence, this lets users log in to third-party apps and games through Facebook as one of the options. Disabling this feature will revoke access to third-party sources from using your Facebook information for logins.

The platform can be found under “Apps, Web sites and Plug-ins”. (Facebook)
Turning this platform off would prevent you from using any third-party app through Facebook. If there are apps which already have your data from Facebook you will have to contact the respective companies for removing data.

If this doesn’t work for you then there’s another option you can go for. Down below you will find ‘Apps others use’ which shows the different information other Facebook users have access to on third-party apps and games.

You can check which info others have access to under “Apps others use”. (Facebook)
Information like your bio, birthday, family and relationships, current location, and more can be shared with other users. You can uncheck whatever information you wouldn’t want other users to see. If you want complete anonymity you can uncheck every single box.

You can also check which apps and games you have logged into using Facebook. You’d be surprised to see how many apps you have used or not used but given access to information. Each app will have a Settings button which you can manually check and alter accordingly

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