Facebook Sues Two Ukrainians for Using Quiz Apps to Extract User Data


California [USA] : Facebook has reportedly sued two Ukrainian men for allegedly using quiz apps to extract private data on its users to target ads.

The lawsuit filed by the social networking giant accuses Gleb Sluchevsky and Andrey Gorbachov of running the years-long hacking scheme that enticed users to install malicious browser plugins for horoscopes, character and popularity tests, infecting browsers of around 63,000 Facebook users, The Verge reported.

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Some of the malicious apps, including Supertest and FQuiz which mostly targeted Russian and Ukrainian users, used Facebook’s login feature on the promise of collecting only limited information.

However, they would direct users to install web browser extensions, giving hackers access to users’ Facebook and other social media accounts.

The lawsuit claims the hackers scraped public profile information and non-publicly viewable list of friends, along with serving users ads instead of official Facebook-approved ads.