Facebook, Whatsapp to Be Blocked in Jammu and Kashmir? Find Out Here

Kashmir Valley may see Facebook and WhatsApp suspended as govt clamps down on rumour-mongering


Having banned 4G and 3G services in the Valley, the Jammu and Kashmir government is now likely to ban Facebook and WhatsApp in the coming days, purportedly to stop videos and pictures of alleged atrocities by security forces from going viral. The state government had suspended 3G and 4G mobile internet services across Kashmir on Sunday, although fixed line internet facilities were not taken back.



And who can forget the horrifying ban on SMS Services way back in 2011 when facilities like Whatsapp and Facebook were lesser known and the word ‘Social Media’ had begun spreading tentaclees among youth and scholl-going teenagers.While the entire nation was busy exchanging messages with their ;loved ones, Jammu and Kashmir was reeling under a so called ‘stone age’.

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Similar speculations are brewing again but this time, the target is Social networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp which are under the radar of administrative kingpins. While the links of Militants using Social media have been clearly estabileshed, there are chance that you will made an April Fool in 2018, and the Govt has no hand in it.

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