Facing stone pelting from Kashmiris as well as saving their lives: Indian Army

Tangdhar: Army launched a swift rescue mission Friday Late Evening  in the higher reaches of North Kashmir Tangdhar at Nasta Chuun Pass and saved precious human lives.

It would be hard to imagine what goes on through an Army Man’s mind in Kashmir when they are involved in fighting militants to save their motherland on the one hand and receiving stone showers every time they go on a mission in what has become a trend off late. The same army men do not bat an eyelid in saving men and women of the same land.

Could the lives army saved on Friday be of the stone pelters too? The Army does not think that way and this is evident when last evening they saved the lives of 73 civilians.

The Army troops of Rashtriya Rifles based in North Kashmir launched rescue operations when passengers were stuck in heavy snow last night in Tangdhar.

“The recent spell of incessant rains and heavy snowfall at higher reaches of Tangdhar, yesterday, triggered avalanche on Tangdhar-Nasta Chhun road causing road blocks at various places. Army detachment based at Nasta Chhun received information about stranded vehicles full of passengers including women, children, aged persons and an ambulance with critically ill heart patient approximately 1.5 KM away from Nasla Chhun Pass. Army avalanche rescue Team of Nasta Chhun Pass was sprang into action immediately despite harsh weather conditions, snow blizzard and zero visibility,” the statement said.

Army Rescue Mission Tangdhar (1)  Army Rescue Mission Tangdhar (2)  Army Rescue Mission Tangdhar (3)

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