Failure to build road infrastructure, flyovers in Jammu can bring the city to standstill


heavy-traffic-jam-on-the-way-to-bahu-fortThe discrimination against Jammu has been a permanent phenomenon in this state with those in power always getting into denial. Never did the state government form a committee to look into the allegations or to redress the wrongs. The problems in Jammu have been complicated further by the activities of vested interests which include politicians, businessmen, NGOs and others who have preferred to get personal benefits while sacrificing the bigger cause of the people of this region. The local players have also pandered to the divisive policies of the Kashmir based, and Kashmir centric parties, and thus there has been no justice done either by the state or the central governments.

The lack of road infrastructure, and flyovers in Jammu city has lead to a chaotic situation as the roads are witnessing hundreds of new cars being added every month. The number of people coming from different parts of the state including migrants has increased the population manifold. Despite heavy traffic in the city, the roads are limited, parking slots have not been added, and flyovers not constructed. As a result travelling on Jammu roads has become well nigh impossible, and the matadors are an added nuisance which follow no rule in the book.

The role of state government is equally suspect in perpetuating the chaos on roads as it has not been able to deliver the much hyped flyovers to Jammu city. It is pertinent to mention that three flyovers were proposed to be build from Ambphalla to New Plot and Sarwal. Jewel Chowk to Canal road, and from Shakuntala to Ambphala. These points are the most congested parts of the city as far as traffic is concerned, and survey of these three projects was also carried out. Strangely, instead of building flyovers here the government in a hurry decided to build a flyover from Bikram Chowk to Gandhi Nagar but have not paid any heed to the construction of aerial roads in other parts of the city which were duly identified and surveyed. Whether it is political pressure or involvement of vested interests but the government decisions have indeed been influenced, and scuttled. Experts point out that while flyover in Gandhinagar could have been constructed later, the failure to build the requisite infrastructure in the old City would have disastrous consequences. The failure to handle traffic has already slowed down life in Jammu, and if action is not taken soon the city could come to a standstill.

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