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Fake job vacancies- state departments hoodwinking the unemployed youth

Jammu and Kashmir news

With over 7 lakh unemployed youth in Jammu and Kashmir, the government is doing nothing beyond false promises. The youth has been anticipating more than ever after BJP and PDP promised to uproot the unemployment problem but is rather disappointed as before. The state of unemployment is going from bad to worse. Thousands have complained that various state departments have been creating false job hopes among the downhearted youth. The departments advertise hundreds of vacancies but after receiving the applications, don’t care enough to respond.

The state has a count of over 7 lakh unemployed youth, who scrounge for job vacancies in newspapers on daily basis. When they apply as per their eligibility, the receipts for applications keep piling up but barely any call letter or response is received from the departments.

An unemployed youth from Jammu shared that he had filed over a hundred applications in the past 4 years but not even one department responded.  The youth is losing the hope of getting a job in any government department. If the departments are being run without filling the vacancies, why even advertise? Further when the department is approached, in order to check the status, they just ask the applicants to wait for a call letter or notifications and lists in newspapers.

In January 2014, Class IV posts were advertised by the Divisional Level Committee of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Department and more than a thousand applications were submitted. The candidates got no response from the departments till date. The Higher Education Department advertised 165 Class IV posts on in May 2014. The department sent no call letter to any applicant. The MES advertised over 2200 posts of clerk, mazdoor, tailor and fireman in July 2014 and the applicants received no call letter for any post.

Also, some organizations even charge fees for applying and the candidates attach a demand draft along with the application. Considering this, some applicants have even complained that this advertising is just another money mongering source for the departments.