Fake telecom company in Jammu unearthed; Six arrested


A fake telecom company has been unearthed by the police and six residents of West Bengal have been arrested. The policy said that it averted a major fraud in the city by unearthing the fake company that was tricking gullible people. A police party of the Karan Nagar police station led by SHO Parvez Ahmad raided the office of a fraudulent telecom company ‘India Telecom Service’ at Karan Nagar, a police spokesman told.

The police found irregularities in the functioning of the company. The spokesman told that the company induced the public to invest in their company with an amount of Rs. 1,47,000 each and promised that the amount will be repaid within 18 months with partnership in their profits. The fake company claimed to provide Wi-Fi Internet in remote villages of the valley but when asked, failed to produce any legal document of their operations.

Investigation was then initiated after registering a case under Section 419 and Section 420, during which the police found out that the company had managed to get investments to nearly Rs 8 lakh from different people.

The police timely succeeded in its action in averting this fraud, which could have been a scandal of huge proportion. The office of the company has been sealed and six arrests have been made, identified as Parthoo Sarothi Mondal, M Sambil Alam, Rishav Prassad, Pushpandu Patra , Nasir-ud-Din Malla and Akeel Gowhar Parray.

Image Courtesy- Online media

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