This fall mix and match wardrobe, save money


This fall mix and match wardrobe, save moneyNew York:  Mix and match existing basic and classic items in your wardrobe to look your best this fall.

Here’s how to save money and energy walking the mall or clicking links by simply looking into your closet, reports

* Leather jacket: Give a sneak peek of your coolness by wearing your leather jacket under a printed coat.

* Maxi dress: Wear your maxis with a very structured jacket.

* Black skinny jeans: Use the black pants as a blank canvas that can take on layers on layers on layers.

* Midi skirt: Keep the long silhouette of your midi by layering it with a trench coat.

* Sneakers: Spin the classic shoe by giving it the comfortable and chic treatment with leggings, an oversized cardigan or both.

* Denim jacket: Break up your denim on denim with a hoodie, which you can layer under your jean jacket or tie around your waist. You’ll be giving off cool athletic vibes.

* White tee: Liven up a white tee with chunky accessories.

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