Family out for function and their house burnt down to ashes

Jammu and Kashmir News

A house in Puran Nagar of Bhagwati Nagar area caught fire last night around 10 p.m. It is understood that Ashwini Kumar lived in the house with his family. Fortunately no one was hurt as he was in Srinagar for some work, while his family was out for a function and no-one was home when the fire broke out.
Seeing the flames, the neighbors called the fire service almost 2 hours later. The Fire Brigade reached the scene, but by the time, the fire had engulfed majority of the property. The housemates were also informed by the neighbors and they reached the scene immediately.
It took about 2 hours for the fire fighters to douse the flames. The damage however was massive. The flames devoured all the windows and doors and kitchen and the rooms were completely damaged. Electronic appliances were also gutted. The ceiling had literally cracked open and the tiles in the bathroom had charred.
The owner, Ashwini, reached Jammu early in the morning and after going through all the damage, he told the police that the house was newly constructed and he determined that the estimated loss was around 3 to 4 Lakhs.

Police officials have registered a case and initiated investigations to ascertain the cause. Investigators are still unsure what caused the fire.


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