Famous Dogri Dolk Song: Baanku deyaa Chachua

Famous dogri song, baanku deyaa chachua talks about a wife’s woes when his husband has to leave his house and perform his duties for the nation. She asks him to take her along, and talks about how this alienation due to his absense keeps her sad and withdrawn.

Lyrics: Aau ta galaniyaa sach bo, mere baanku deya chachua
English – I am telling the truth , my Banku’s dad (banku is name of kid ) (referring to her husband indirectly)

Meki bhi layi chal kach bo, mere baanku deya chachua
English – Take me also with you, oh my Banku’s dad

Sass Nanand meki jinaan ni dendiyaan, Thande paani da ghut.. meki peena ni dendiyan
English – Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law does not let me live peacefully, not even let me drink few sips of cold water

Naveen Chand Katoch

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