Famous for Pateesa, Prem Sweet Shop booked

Jammu, September 18: The famous Prem Sweet Shop at Kud has been booked by a team of Legal Metrology Department for delivering lesser quantity of sweets to the customers.

A team lead by Assistant Controller Legal Metrology Jaideep Singh Sambyal along with TSO Chenani on Thursday conducted surprise raids on famous sweets shops in Kud at the direction of District Development Commissioner Dr. Shahid Iqbal. On inspection the team found out that four sweet shops at Kud namely Prem Sweet Shop, Taj Sweet Shop, Arora Sweets shop and one more were delivering lesser quantity of sweets to consumer. The sweet shop owners were cheating on the customer by including the weight of packing in total weight and hence selling paper box at the rate of costly sweets.

All these shops at Kud mostly serve the commuters on Jammu Srinagar National Highway. By following such practices, they leave a bad impression about the state on outsiders. The LMD department has registered a case of using false business practices on all the four shops. The department also warned other shop keepers not to indulge in any anti-consumer activities and deliver exact quantity of commodity for which the consumer is paying.

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