Famous Nutri Kulche Wala (Sudan Fast Food)

The famous Nutri Kulcha shop in Jammu city is present at Last Morh Gandhi Nagar and people throng from different places. It was established in the year 1989 by Happy. The shop was later named as Sudan Fast Food. Presently, the shop is handled by Happy’s nephew Navneet Kumar and his cousins. All of them work as a team.

nutri kulcha

Well whosoever be the owner of the shop, what matters is the kind of food they serve to the people. You cannot dare to miss this amazing Nutri Kulcha. And once you start eating this addictive Kulcha you will relish it to the end.

The stand out point in the Kulcha is its soft,savoury,tasty and flavourful nutri masala. The procedure is to slightly crisp the Kulcha from one side and then put Nutri masal inside it. May be it is because of crisping it on the Tawa which imparts tangy flavour to the Kulcha, the flavours that come out are amazing.

nutri kulcha

It is remarkable that one tested recipe is followed by the generations to provide world-class food to the people.

Besides Nutri Kulcha, Sudan fast food also offers hot dogs and burgers. The items on the menu are reasonably priced so that every person can enjoy these dishes. He charges Rs.20 for the burger, Rs15 for the Hot dog and a same amount for the Nutri Kulcha.

nutri kulcha



We can guarantee that if once you start eating the Nutri Kulcha, you will probably lose the count of the kulchas that you will devour it in the coming days.

Enjoy all-famous Nutri Kulcha at Sudan fast food.

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