Famous talent show organizer in Jammu asks female for undressed portfolio; harassing her


Puneet Gupta

Tinsel Town Dreams

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The fame, the money and the star power that comes with a celebrity status has a dark side that is well known of in the metro cities where sadly this black truth is out in the open for all to choose from or ignore. While some people accept it understanding this to be a part of the profession, others flinch at the thought and back out before they are forced to compromise with their modesty.

The event-organizer of a very famous Talent show in Jammu that has had a run for multiple seasons did the unthinkable. Unthinkable because, one would still hope that Jammu has not been affected so far with the muck associated with the world of glamour.

The organizer, who is in his mid-30s, generally requires many candidates for his show and keeps in touch with the budding artists of Jammu and Kashmir. U4UVoice was approached by a teenaged girl who fell victim to this man’s untoward advances, saved herself quite in time but is facing harassment from him now.

The girl who has performed in one of the seasons of the talent show was offered a song by this man in a conversation on facebook that further went on to WhatsApp. The records of these conversations are available with U4UVoice.

The man, who is literally struggling to gather participants for his upcoming season first asked the teenager to be a part of his show. The girl refused politely citing personal reasons and the matter could have settled down there. But after a few days, the man again approached her with the offer of a lead role in a music video that was ‘above’ Jammu’s Standards. He asked the teenager for her latest portfolio images under the pretext of getting her approved by a certain outstation producer.

The girl inquired if there were any scenes involving nudity in the song to which the event organizer responded in a dilly-dallying way at first and then sent her the nude picture of a woman on the bed smoking a cigarette.

‘You have to do this’

The girl, shocked, politely refused and left it at that. A fatherless child, she discussed the matter with her mother who felt helpless asked not to associate with the man in future.

The event organizer shamlessly used this teenager’s portfolio picture on his facebook page claiming that the models for the next season of his show are ready without the girl’s permission, written or verbally. This is a crime and can amount to serious harassment.

The girl has been asking the event organizer to remove the pic but has seen no response from him even when he is active on the page. The teenager’s portfolio photo that was posted 2 days ago has still not been removed.

The fearlessness of this man is shocking and scary by all means.

Advice for parents

While it is lovely to see that the talent of your child is showcased at the best platforms but it is also your duty to educate your child to be aware of such people. It is not only men but women are party to such crimes too. Fame can come at a cost and your child should not have to pay for it by any means.