Farmers shocked after receiving Rs. 47 compensation against their flood losses.

Farmers shocked after receiving Rs. 47 compensation against their flood losses.

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In September 2014, Jammu and Kashmir witnessed devastating floods that resulted in massive loss that has still not been recovered. The people continue to suffer in the course of waiting for the government to pace up the rehabilitation process. Heavy rainfall had resultantly destructed over 2600 villages, out of which 390 were completely submerged. After PM Modi’s assurance and promises the wrecked valley was brimmed with new hopes. Rs, 745 crore was offered as assistance to the state government, in addition to the Rs. 1100 crore already reserved.

But eventually, whatever was done for the people was barely enough. Now again, the government has disappointed the farmers of the region by giving them compensation cheques ranging between Rs 47 and Rs 378. They had suffered losses of over Rs, 30000 on an average and what they have been compensation is not even the one tenth of the lost amount. The floods washed away all the crop, a;; the fields and the property and they barely have anything left to continue their occupation.

The cheques were offered to the flood struck farmers in Sarora village in Marh area of District Jammu. Describing the compensatory amount as a ‘joke’, the farmers have refused to accept. They cheques were handed over to the farmers nu a naib-tehsildar level officer and now the farmers have returned the cheques to the department.

There are over 37000 flood affected families which suffered huge crop damage and they all were assured a reasonable compensation by the government. A farmer told that he lost his entire crop and suffered a loss of nearly Rs.33000 but the government has compensated his loss with a cheque of Rs.94. “Even if I have to travel from Sopore to Jammu, Rs. 94 is not is not of any worth,” he added.

The farmers said that this cheque is not to help us but just to add more to our misery. “It is nothing more than a joke that against our heavy losses, the government thinks that a cheque of Rs. 90 or Rs. 150 will be enough,” added another farmer.

The government needs to consider that the floods resulted in huge crop losses of upto Rs. 5611 crore and this so called compensatory amount is barely enough for the farmers to get their lives back on track especially when they are so dependent on the government.


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