Farooq and Omar differ on Pandits’ return to the valley

Original Images from Deccan Chronicle and NDTV

Jammu, January 20: Farooq Abdullah and son Omar seem to have to many differences in opinions these days. Following the possible NC-BJP alliance controversy, it has come to fore that the duo are opposed on the perspectives of the exodus of the 3.5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits as well as their return to the valley.

The working president of  National Conference and former Chief Minister of state Omar Abdullah sympathised with the displaced Kashmiri Pandits and alleged the lack of concern from Union Ministry for the the Pandits’ pathetic condition but on the other hand, his father, Farooq Abdullah said that the “onus is on the Pandits” to make a comeback to the Valley.

“They (Pandits) have to realise one thing, nobody is going to come with a begging bowl and say ‘come and stay with us’, they have to make a move,” said Farooq Abdullah recently which drew very sharp reactions from the Pandit community.

The Kashmiri Pandits consider his statement as an insult and alleged that he tried to hide his own failure as Chief Minister in 1989-90


On the other hand, Omar blamed centre for paying only lip service to the community. His tweet saying  “my family left under somewhat similar circumstances so I know the fear of not seeing home again, though mine was short lived”, conveyed the thought.