Farooq defends controversial comment; Jitendra Singh hits back


Farooq Abdullah was in Jammu to attend the function of death Anniversary of Shri Girdhari Lal Dogra. Interacting with Media for a brief stint, he said that India is not ready for war and neither is Pakistan.

“Neither they have the power, neither we, so war is just not the solution.” On his latest remarks on PoK, he is being framed and called Anti-national. The truth is that PoK was never ours, so how can India take it from Pakistan”. It is easy to sit at their comfy offices and blabber, but the ground situation is unfathomable, said a candid Farooq. He raised concerned about people dying at borders, particularlly the Kashmiris at both sides of the border. “Mar kashmiri he raha hai na? (Kashmiris are the ones facing the brunt of indecisiveness of government).”, he added.

On India’s claim over Pok:

Why? Why am I toeing the Pakistani Line? Can you take that part of Kashmir? Can you? When they can’t take this part of Kashmir, which is ours, how can India take their part of Kashmir


On his crass remarks, “kya tumhare baap ka hai?

It cannot be taken. What do you mean?  70 years you haven’t been able to take it, when are you goin to take it. Why do you blame Faroq Abdullah for it. Resolution doesn’t matter! How many resolutions are their UN to hold plebisite here, has India accepted that?

On his being called Anti-National

No Iam not a Pakistani, I have never been a Pakistani and if those people think I am Pakistani then let them go to hell

He called this an utter failure of govt. machinery. He further added that India has no right on PoK, as since 1947 it has been granted to Pak. “India couldn’t get hold of Masood Azhar and Dawood, so how can India think of getting PoK?”, he quipped

When asked what he has to say about the criticism surrounding his blatant remarks, he said that “they will find me anti-national only”. “Have they forgotten when I defended India at world stage in UN, when Vajpayee praised me. BJP needs to be reminded of that time”. he added.

On the other hand, Dr, Jitender Singh has maintained a cool demenour over the entire issue and has said that it is the want of power that is making Farooq shoot all dirt from his mouth.