Farooq seeks supports of Jamaat-e- Islami is frustration of NC: BJP

SRINAGAR | APR 05: Bharatiya Janata Party’s Senior Leader and Office incharge Kashmir said in a press statement that it is National conference then headed by Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah which waging war against Jamaat-e-Islami in April 1979 when the Ex- Prime Minister of Pakistan late Zufiqar Ali Butto was hanged.

He said at that time it was National Conference which openly told the people of Kashmir that General Zia-ul- Haq who was chief Marshal Administrator of Pakistan is affiliated with Jamaat-e-islami.

He said and added that National conference politically connected Late General. Zia-ul Haq with Jamaat-e-islami to gain political mileage in Kashmir. He added that the leaders, activists and workers of Jamaat-e-islami become the target and their properties was damaged and destroyed by the people who was motivated by National conference at that time. The leaders and the workers of Jamaat-e-islami were forced to migrate to safer places for their safety and security of their families.

Mir said National Conference which was ruling the state of J&K headed by Late Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah closed and Banned the educational institutions run by Jamaat-e-islami in valley of Kashmir. In 1987 when Rajiv–farooq accord had taken place and it was endorsed and supported by AAC(awami action committee) that had the alliance with National Conference since 1983 which is known as double Farooq accord. Tahir said for the first time, Congress- NC alliance was challenged by 13- party alliance under the banner of Muslim united front (MUF).

“People voted for MUF candidates but NC- Congress combine used all its might and rigged the assembly polls in March 1987. MUF candidates won but announcements were made in favour of the ruling party candidates of National Conference and Congress combine. All most all the MUF leaders and activists including contested candidates were arrested and forcibly involved in false cases and jailed”, he said.

Mir added the Poll percentage was crossed 80 % the verdict of the people of Kashmir was against National conference and Congress combine.

“Within a year after 1987, assembly elections militancy erupted in Kashmir that erased the entire fabric of traditional politics. As per the press statement of syed Mohammad Yusuf Shah allies syed Sallauddin. In 1987 rigging changed the whole political scenario in Kashmir valley. As per Govt. auditor CAG has said the J&K Govt. has continuously failed to regularise a whopping of Rs. 90,198.17 crore expenditure incurred cumulatively over the period from 1980 till 2012. From 1980 onwards the National Conference and congress coalition was ruling the sate of J&K”, he said.

Mir added that National conference and Congress coalition are responsible for mass destruction of Kashmir and Kashmiriyat at “once called Paradise on Earth” but due to wrong policies of both the parties destroyed the paradise. It is the political history of ational Conference that they always betrayed the emotions of the people of Kashmir in the name of religion for their own political needs. BJP respects the emotions and sentiments of people of Kashmir.

Mir said BJP stands for positive secularism, party is committed to lead the state of J&K a prosperous , strong and developed state.” Because BJP believes in Development and good governance.” The slogan of Prime Minster of our country Shri Narendra Modi ji is “ Sab Kas, Saath Sab Kas Vikaas”. Due to popularity of BJP pro people policies, the common people across the Kashmir are joining day by day with the party. It irritates the National Conference and Congress who always and adopted anti people policies for lust of power rather than welfare of the people of Kashmir “, he said.