Fate of Ranvir Canal does not look promising

When the water from the Chenab enters the Ranvir canal it gives life to numerous crops and livestock. The water from this river is also used by the masses to some extent. So, preserving rather keeping the river clean should be a concern for the government. However, this doesn’t seem to bother the ministry. The river is almost a century old and was provided by the then Maharaja Ranveer Singh with the motive of giving relief to the locals from the scorching summers. Since then, neither the river has seen any expansion nor has its condition been improved. Instead, prior to Baisakhi this year there wasn’t any kind cleaning expedition. In addition to this, even the locally built colonies are dumping their waste in it. As the result, the river water dries midway without reaching its end. The government is to be rightly held accountable for the ongoing scenario.ranbir canal (2)

The river Ranvir has huge area coverage with almost 60 kms of its length extending in Jammu, RS Pura and Bishnah. On its way, it passes 12 panchayats and as many as 489 villages. The farmers of these regions depend largely on this river for the irrigation purposes when the rain fails to reach them. The famous Basmati Rice particular of the RS Pura region wouldn’t be possible without the water of this river. Thus, giving us one of the many reasons as to why this river needs immediate attention.

The river holds a religious place in the history too. It happens to be associated with the Mahabharatha Period, the Buddhist period, the Mughal period along with the Dogra Culture. Since the very Maharaja took to his own hands the construction of this river, he called upon foreign engineers for this very purpose. It also adds to the beauty of the parks that were built alongside its banks in 2004.

The river has also seemed to have witnessed many people drowning either while crossing it or while performing some religious acts along its banks. Effort has to be put in from the government to keep a check on all these aspects.

As per the locals, a committee needs to be set up in order to keep the river clean. The garbage that is thrown into it has been a major concern. Also, the number of people drowning in it increases in the summers. The park/walkway is not maintained on a regular basis, with its condition worsening with the hour. These and many more are the concerns of the people who live nearby.

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