Faulty electoral rolls stops many Kashmiri pandits from voting in election

kashmiri pandit in jammu & kashmir (17)The minority population of Jammu and Kashmir has denied that any special arrangements were made for them by the administration during the elections.

According to Pandit migrant voters their names were missing in the voter list – which left them in lurch and deprived them from voting.

While elections at Srinagar-Budgam Parliamentary Seat these voters found no mention of their names in electoral rolls.

Though these Pandits have submitted their M-forms in a timely manner yet this couldn’t get their names enrolled in electoral list.

When they went to cast their votes at a polling station arranged for them at Govt Higher Secondary School Jagti Colony many, they came back disappointed.

Some of them also ran furious to know this fact that despite of fulfilling all formalities their right was snatched from them.

There were also some whose names were there but the names of rest of their family members were missing. Calling it an inadequacy of officials the Pandits say that officers take every matter as casually.

They also said that they would have thrown their forms in trash bins to save themselves from extra work.  They also say that migrants are not taken seriously for that matter that is why this happened.

“Had they not been migrants and normal citizens this wouldn’t have happened,” says one of them.

They also called it a political conspiracy. “They don’t want us to vote that is why they hatched this plot against us,” says another migrant.

These Pandits add that they wasted much of their time on filling the forms and completing other formalities but at the end it only proved futile for them,

“They should have told us earlier that this is going to happen, we would have never wasted our precious time,” they say.



CJ Imran