Fear seeps into the families of J&K cops with recent abductions in Kashmir


SRINAGAR: After a series of abductions of relatives of policemen in south Kashmir by suspected terrorists recently, fear has clawed the families of policemen across the State. The abduction were in response to questioning of the family of terrorists by police. This incident has disappointed families of security persons for the fear of losing their loved ones.

But, the policemen and their families are more vulnerable in this open war against security persons because army and paramilitary men stay in well-guarded camps.

Around 12 persons mostly relatives of policemen were abducted in the four south Kashmir districts of Pulwama, Shopian, Ananatnag and Kulgam and many policemen are threatened continuously by terrorists to leave their jobs making the situation grim.

Due to the lack of money for sustaining their lives, locals have joined security forces but this madness on the part of terrorists is frightening for families.

Beefing up security for families of policemen can help normalize the situation and restore peace and harmony in the valley.

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