Felt trapped by being myself, says Will Smith


Washington: American actor Will Smith opened up about how he “felt trapped by being Will Smith” and his resolution to tick all the adventures on his ‘bucket list’.

The ‘Aladdin’ actor on Friday spoke of his determination to overcome his fears after he turned 50 last September. “A huge part of my childhood was marked by fear and a huge part of my drive in life was marked by fear,” Will said at the Graham Norton Show, reported People.

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“You can generate great things, you can succeed and win, but you can never really be happy if you’re scared,” he added.

He also went on to say that he was happy with his career and is blessed with a wonderful family but still he “felt trapped by being Will Smith.”

Speaking about how he felt constrained and was unable to do what he wished, he said: “I have kids so I can’t do that, or I’m famous so I can’t say that, or people look at me so I can’t behave like that.”

“So, part of the bucket list was to give myself the freedom to do all the things that I had put in my mind that I couldn’t do. I’m not being adventurous and I’ve always wanted to be that,” added Smith.