Few hidden tricks for iPhone users


iPhone has got brilliant features  but there are few hidden tricks that you do not know even existed  there. So we have chose few features to help you do things quickly without making much efforts.

  • How to text without unlocking your device?


You can reply to the text message by simply opening the notification window where you will get an option for replying, tap on it and reply without unlocking your device

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  • How to reply to text message while using other apps?


You can reply by pulling down the notification window in the same manner as explained in the above step.

  • To check the battery consumed by an individual app


Do you know that the iPhone battery drains out more rapidly so in order to save your battery you can follow the steps as :

Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage and select the suitable option.

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  • To check out all the photos received /sent at once


Look out for the ‘details’ option in the Message app and check out all the pictures

  • Send /Receive audio messages which expire within minutes.


Search for the Settings option and click on Messages where you will get an audio/video option and another option for removing the conversation history within minutes.

  • How to share your location with friends?


If you want to share your current location with your friends and family then you can easily send your location through message app by using Send My Location option in the Details section of message thread.

  • To let your friends to track your location


Instead of using Send My Location option, use  Share My Location option for an hour, a day or any time period

  • How to turn off text notifications?


It needs a single tap to stop annoying text notifications and for that look for Do not Disturb option in the message thread.

  • Multitasking option in email


While writing an email if you want to read an urgent message, all you need to do is press the New Message option and open it. The email that you were typing can be edited later just by clicking on it once.

  • How to forward text messages to another number?


In order to access this feature, you just need to open the message thread wherein you have to tap on Text message Forwarding and you will get an option to copy the message which later be forwarded to any number.

  • How to access Siri without using your phone?

iPhone features


Siri refers to Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface and there is no need to click on Home button every single time you wish to use this feature. If you have iPhone 6S , then in order to use this virtual assistant , you just have to say “ Hey Siri “ . After that follow :

Settings> General> Siri and then choose  Enable Hey Siri.

  • Siri can read anything

iPhone features

Siri application can be used to read any content on website, book or text message . For accessing this feature, one needs to follow this sequence Settings>General>Accessibility>Speech and the choose Speak Screen or Speak Selection.

  • Teach Siri to pronounce any name

iPhone features

You can actually teach Siri to pronounce any name, for that you have to ask “what’s my name”  and the moment she replies, immediately tell her the right pronunciation. In response, she will pronounce the name in three different ways and then tell her the right way of pronouncing it

  • Control your iPhone by head movement

iPhone features

This feature can be used through the Accessibility section. Follow these steps Settings>General>Accessibility and then choose Switch Control in the Interaction section. After that you will get options to choose Switches and then Add New Switch followed by Camera and then Left Head Movement and Right Head Movement. At the end choose any action through the system section and your iPhone is ready to be controlled by your head movements.

  • Trace all the places that you have visited

iPhone features

Your phone can trace all the places where you have visited till date and this can be done by following certain steps

Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System services and then look for History section in the Frequent Locations option.

Save your i

  • Phone’s battery by shifting it to Grayscale mode

iPhone features

If your iPhone is having low battery , then you can put your phone in the Grayscale mode and save your battery. Follow the steps:


  • How to switch to a bigger screen

iPhone features

If you have iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6S Plus and you are using it with one hand, just tap twice on the home button, you will be directed to Reachability Mode directly.

  • Look for emergency medical information even through lock screen

iPhone features


If you have a Medical ID in the health app which is a feature in iOS 8, you can easily look for any medical information without unlocking the screen. For this accessing this feature, one needs to tap on emergency button and then enter your passcode.


  • Search for the unsaved number

iPhone features

With iOS 9 apple have updated this new feature which lets you know about the unknown caller as well. And if have ever texted or emailed that person, the application gives you the information about that particular person by collecting their number through the email address.

  • You can search photos in your iPhone on the basis of date and location using Siri

iPhone features


Let us assume that you want to look for the photographs taken three years back at the marriage party, you can ask Siri “ Show me photos from 2013 taken in Mumbai. It will save your time but this feature will work only if you have updated iPhone iOS 9.

  • Siri can remind you about reading your text message and emails

iPhone features

If you do not have time to read or check your messages or emails , Siri can remind you about all these things only if you have updated iPhone iOS 9.


  • Launch music player through headphones

iPhone features

If you have a particular time to listen music, then the music player app is launched as soon as you connect your headphones.


  • Use “ Low battery mode” to save your iPhone’s battery

iPhone features

In order to save your device’s battery to run out quickly, you can opt for this mode.

  • Search anything using Settings

iPhone features

If your iPhone has updated iOS 9 then you can look for anything in the Settings Menu through Search Bar.

















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