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Few things which people born on 29th Feb do not want to hear

So, people born on leap must be pretty much excited since it is their day. There are enough jokes which are made especially for the people born on 29th which do not enjoy listening. Read on to find few:

So? You were born on 29th Feb 1996? Haha! you must be 5 years old.

That is the most common and stupid thing that people born on leap days get to hear.

So? How do you celebrate your birthday?


It is another annoying question about birthday celebration. Obviously they do celebrate it like normal people, a day after or before hardly matters.

How it feels?

Yes! They do feel great about the fact that your sarcastic remarks are not coming to an end. And indeed they feel special for being born on a leap day.

How do people wish them on their birthdays?

Yes the answer is more often a no and the reason is people forget about their birthday because Facebook does not notify them about the same.

Lucky boyfriend

And then people come up these weird comments like your boyfriend must be lucky as he only need to buy you gifts once in 4 years. Like? Seriously nothing like that ever happens.



So the extra day in the year or even at workplace is because of them and you are going to blame them for that extra day work.

Your parents are not going to buy you a car until you are 72?

This is utter nonsense. Like how can someone plan with such precision just to avoid buying a car for their kid? Technically, he/she will not be 18 until he/she is 72 years old, that is true.