Few tips for Qualifying KAS Prelims exam


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Qualifying Kashmir Administrative Service exam is all about hard work. If you have the will to go for it, you must not give it a second thought. The person needs proper career counseling which will boost one’s dream and give a proper direction.

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There are a few factors that need to be kept in mind. Since the exam is almost two months away, it is time for the single minded devotion to barge in and let all other distractions go away. By this time, most of the aspirants are deep into their subjects, toiling days and nights in the books. However, the following quick tips will help further strengthen your strategy and induce confidence.

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  1. Strategy plays an important role, though ‘hard work’ can’t be ignored. Hard work must be assisted by ‘smart work’. Working hard but with proper dedication, smart moves, that constitutes ‘smart work’. Strategize to read as much as possible because KAS is an exam where you can’t risk leaving any portion untouched. Crafty selective reading after you’ve read almost everything is needed.
  2. It’s not actually the quantity, rather the quality that matters. Dedicating just 5-6 hours of study each day with quality is more rewarding than stressing the entire day.
  3. For preliminary test preparation, you should be aware of all the current affairs, plus preparing well for general knowledge, developing a habit of reading newspapers, magazines and journals daily, since it greatly helps to prepare for GK and current affairs. Newspaper reading should continue as an indispensable part of the preparation. Most of the answers are available in the Newspapers.
  4. Scoring depends on the perfection of your answers. You may know everything covering the full syllabus, but answering the papers in time with precision is the art to be cultivated. For this, practice and more practice is needed.
  5. Along with perfection of answers goes time management. You may require lot of practice to achieve this. When you see the paper you may feel that you know everything, but answering all the questions judiciously within the set time is not that easy a task.
  6. Achieve the confidence that you can answer any question asked. Sometimes the questions are very abstract and a cursory reading of the matter somewhere coupled with your analytical tinge will help you. Your clarity of mind on general understanding of various issues is being tested.
  7. Since only few weeks are left, efforts should be made to thoroughly read NCERT books in order to make the concepts and basics clear. The aspirants should go in for solving previous year question papers also.
  8. Don’t be cowed into others choice. Work hard and let not anything distract you. Read whatever is helpful for the exam, be open to guidance from specialists, give your best and have faith in yourself more than anything else. Do not let panic take your attention.

It is one of the most competitive exams in India, to clear this exam you really need to work hard with 100% dedication.

All the best KAS Aspirants!!