Fight fate with Gemstones

Astrology is an ancient science to study the movement of heavenly objects to get an information concerned to human activities . It is believed that the celestial bodies viz. Stars and planets have influence on human lives or we can say there is correlation between terrestrial events or human behaviour and movement of cosmic bodies.

Astrology is considered to predict the future of a person and that too from the moment of his/her birth. Astrologers can foretell the upcoming challenges and gives you a deeper understanding of the things you are attracted to and the one towards which you are indifferent. Gemmology is a part of astrology under which a person is told to wear stones which can boost the chances of success, happiness, good health or better relationships. Most of the people directly relates that to fortune and good luck.Flaunt colourful gemstones to look chic, uplift mood

Gemstones are supposed to represent planets of the solar system so we are told by the astrologers to wear a particular kind of stone on a particular finger or thumb etc. Gemstones are considered effective for channelizing the energy in a particular direction giving him/her strong support against evil.

Following stones are designed for a particular celestial body and their impact on our lives can be learned from the data given below

Ruby, ruled by Sun and it promises friendship, passion, beauty and health.

Pearl, ruled by Moon and is a symbol of honesty, purity, meditation and concentration.

Red Coral, ruled by Mars and it promises wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity.

Yellow Sapphire, ruled by Guru and it is a symbol of affection, love and spiritual knowledge.

Emerald, is meant to bring good luck and  well being.

Diamond, ruled by Shukra encourages fearlessness and purity.

Blue Sapphire, ruled by Shani and it keeps a person safe from danger and madness or mental unrest.

Hessonite, ruled by Rahu and it protects from evil spirits,brings wealth and prosperity to the person wearing it.

Cat’s Eye, ruled by Ketu and foster determination and strengthens mind.

Gems were adorned by the Kings in ancient times to ward off evil spirits and avert misfortune. Gems are effective antidotes and several diseases can be cured by wearing the right stone, but for that one must consult a distinguished astrologer else they can have negative effects too.

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