Fights and love in Natrang’s modern family drama – ‘Pull’


Jammu, May 10: This Sunday, Natrang staged a new Hindi Play ‘Pull’ at its studio theatre in Sunday Theatre Series. The play has been written by Partap Sehgal and directed by Neeraj Kant. Two improvised performances by the children of Natrang Weekend Theatre Club were also presented before the audience which surprised one and all with the wonderful acting of the little kids. Natrang director Sh. Balwant Thakur also informed about the fresher’s training theatre workshop which is going to start from Monday, 11th of May at 2 pm at Natrang Studio, Kachi Chawni.Natrang Pull

The play ‘Pull’ opens at a home of one middle aged, middle class couple who are living their lives in a fixed pattern since long and thus feel monotony and incompleteness in the things and people around them. The wife has a number of problems with the husband as she thinks that his casual approach towards life would drastically influence the tender mind of their only son as he has become very stubborn. The husband on the other hand, has his own set of problems with the mind set of his wife, who appears to him as extra sensitive in many things which are required to be taken with ease. The son also backs his father as he finds a defending shelter from him from the discipline of his mother. But as in common household, despite having dissimilarities, there is some bond, some bridge which makes people stay together, cherishing the strengths and ignoring the weaknesses of each other and thus life goes on. The same happens in the play, all the regrets, complains and shortcomings are fulfilled with the bridge of togetherness.

Natrang actors who performed in the play included Sachin Bamba, Kritika Singh and Shekhar Sharma. The lights were designed by Neeraj Kant and the music was scored by Mahikshit Singh. The show was presented by Syed Mudassar.

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