Fill fuel in your vehicles ASAP; Oil and Tankers Association goes on Indefinite strike

Jammu, Sept 08: Oil and tankers association President Anan Sharma today announced an indefinite strike of trucks and oil tankers.

As a result there will be no fuel supply in the petrol bunks after the reserve in them exhausts.

“This indefinite stike has been called in by the association in response to apathy shown by the administration as well as transport ministry over the last four years”, Sharma said.

He added,” Our association has called for this indefinite strike because of the false promises of the successive administrations. It is no secret that the Narwal bypass road is always jammed with unruly traffic. The road is broken and the government does not take any action to repair it. There are no traffic policemen to control the traffic here. The apathetic attitude of the government towards an essential commodity is appalling on different levels.”

Throwing some light on their demands, the president said, “We want the administration to get the road repaired and employ a design to monitor the traffic here such that constant traffic jams are not an issue here and not a hindrance to our working. We will stay on strike till the time the government does not provide us oil depot in Jammu.”

On the first day of strike today, no oil was transported anywhere in the state and not even a single truck was either loaded or unloaded.

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