Finance Minister seeks exemplary action against Azam Khan for sexist remark in Lok Sabha


New Delhi:Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday demanded exemplary action against Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan over his remarks against BJP MP Rama Devi and called it an “utterly condemnable conduct”.

“It is an abominable act. I appeal to you Speaker sir, like the way it was suggested, I think it is important. You are empowered adequately. In this particular case, every member of the House has felt strongly, we look towards you for an exemplary action in this matter… so that never ever women will be politicised or women will be treated badly or abused,” Sitharaman said while speaking in Lok Sabha.

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Sitharaman said that “it is very encouraging to see members stand up, all wanting to speak in one voice, about what happened yesterday in the House – utterly condemnable conduct.”

Azam Khan, on Thursday, made objectionable remarks against BJP member Rama Devi, who was presiding over the House as BJP members sought an apology from him.

“I am extremely grateful to every honourable member who stood up in support of this absolutely emotional moment where all of us are offended, not just because a woman has been spoken so badly, but a woman, who is occupying the chair. Every time we repeat to ourselves here saying we better conduct ourselves in such a way as the nation is watching us, conduct ourselves in such a way that we respect the Chair and in the chair when a woman is seated. It’s not an easy position to reach for a woman,” Sitharaman said.

She added, “At this time, to again politicise an issue related to women is outrageous, let us all stand together, speak in one voice, which is what I thought was happening here. Why is that hesitation? Why is that dilemma? Why is that doubt?”

As Congress leaders interrupted Sitharaman she said, “Let me finish. I have heard everybody. I have not named anybody, I should be allowed to talk. I have not named anybody here for people to object and get up to interrupt my speech here.”