“Fire Yogi”

Fire Yogi is nothing but a documentary of about 47 minutes which explains the extraordinary qualities of a yogi to use a rare technique of using his breath in a way in union with fire. Later when his clothes and physicals test are done, they reveal some supernatural powers in him.

The Yogi has been performing this trick from last 4 years and he weighs barely 43 kilos and is surviving on a diet including two bananas and a glass of milk with few drops of water every day from last 28 years.

On one hand Fire Yogi is a living example of endurance of mind and body whereas on the other hand he represents super human qualities.

Yogi Rambhauswani is about 63-year-old have stated that since 1975 he has stopped drinking water more than a few drops, and few years later he started limiting his diet to a cup of milk and banana and claims that he sleeps just three hours every night. In the documentary he appears to be a normal person whereas according to his claims he must be malnourished.

Fire Yogi is famous for his fire ritual and he starts his day by taking bath followed by meditation, pranayama and a ceremony honouring Ganesha. The fire ritual is done over a sunken pit to which Yogi Rambhauswami offers sugarcane, ghee, coconut and rice. Later he seem to be in deep meditative state after which he enters the blaze by wrapping his body with a woollen shawl and then rolling around in the fire for straight ten minutes.

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It was noticed that even after emerging from the flames, there is no evidence of him being charbroiled. Even out of suspicion, the shawl was tested for fire resistant material but the results were negative