No firing on J&K border but accuracy of Pak fire worries Indian side


BSF personnel deployed at International Border on High alert in Jammu during the ongoing polling process  (5)

The strong Indian action, and warning of unaffordable cost for Pakistan if it continues firing on the International border seem to have worked, and after nine-day lorspura2 (1)ng hiatus which saw destruction, and migration on both sides, the guns have finally fallen silent. No incident of firing, and shelling was reported on the 200 Km long border from Kathua to Pargwal since last 24 hours.

Despite the stop on firing, the people have continued migrating from the border villages and their number swelled to almost 35,000 in relief camps which have been set up by the army, and the government. Migrants have stayed put in Hiranagar, Samba, Ramgarh, Arnia, RS Pura, Domana, Pargwal and Kanachak as people do not have faith in Pakistani forces who are known to fire without any cause. The Line of Control in Poonch district has been compartively silent for the last three days.
With more and more people migrating, the security forces particularly the BSF have reinforced it’s strength on the border, and ensured that it has adequate men and material to meet any challenge coming from Pakistan. In Kanachak area of Akhnour, a large number of people migrated as they fear that the border skirmishes would continue despite the thaw.

While the security forces, and the violate the ceasefire by shelling people are trying to figure out the way forward the intelligence agencies in the state are bewildered over the accuracy of Pak strikes particularly the firing of the mortar shells. Sources say that the accuracy of Pak firing has surprised the border residents as well as security men as never before the shells would fall on houses, and residential areas. A resident said that it for the first time in his life time that Pak shells have hit the targets with such accuracy, and there could be some serious intelligence fallout behind this. Sources tell that there are a number of people known to cross the borders, and they could be responsible for sharing information. However, sources also say that firing has taken after a long time, and new technologies like Google maps, and advances in weapon technology would enable the armies on both sides to hit targets accurately. The intelligence agencies meanwhile have spread the net far and wide, and are investigating whether there is human intelligence which have enabled the Pakistan forces to target India with accuracy.

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