First victim of Swine Flu in Jammu: A six-month-old infant

First victim of swine flu in Jammu is a six-month-old infant this season after she was tested positive for H1N1 virus.

According to the information received , the baby was admitted in Shri Maharaj Gulab Singh Hospital (SMGS), Jammu few days back with swine flu symptoms and  it was confirmed through the tests that she was suffering with swine flu. However, she was discharged today after she has recovered from it.

Dr BS Pathania, Director, Health Services Jammu, verified that a female infant from the outskirts of Jammu has been found positive for swine flu. Further adding to it , he said that yesterday the department had sent three swab samples of swine flu suspected children to Government Medical College, Kangra, with which the department has tied up for swine flu tests.

“Today we received all three reports out of which two children found to be negative for H1N1 virus while one female baby turned out to be positive. However, the victim was discharged from the hospital today after she recovered fully”, he said adding that three more samples of suspected swine flu children collected from SMGS Hospital will be sent today for testing at GMC Kangra and optimistically the reports of these samples will be received by the department till tomorrow evening.

Dr Pathania said that there is nothing to panic and those who are suffering from cough, cold, sore  throat and high fever must  consult the doctor and get the medication. “The Health department has made all arrangements to meet any challenge of swing flu. Separate isolation wards have been set up in Government Medical College and Hospital, Jammu and SMGS Hospital, in addition to district hospitals for treatment of swine flu patients”, he said adding sufficient amount of medicines have also been stocked.

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