Five reasons why the Kashmiris must support Separatist leaders


Independence from India or the idea of it is what the separatists have promulgated with a finesse that comes from incessant funding from many countries who are the ‘well-wishers’ of a mission that has long fired the hopes of lakhs and lakhs of Kashmiris. There are however, some rogue elements in Kashmir today who do not support the separatists in their plan but a small section cannot make a difference afterall.

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These five reasons outline the strategies to keep the India-Hate alive and make for very strong arguments as to why a sizeable section of Kashmiris must support the separatists in their journey to get freedom from India.


The troika knows best how to disrupt the tourism of the state. As a regular trend in the last five years, tourism has taken a big hit and the floods just worsened the scenario taking the losses in crores. Obviously, the media is to blame for the destruction of tourism and not the deaths and internal insurgency. Getting someone killed and then following it up with violent protests and viola, tourism is gone.

Tourism is gone –> Economy is destroyed –> No Job creation/salary payment –> Reason to hate India


Most people know how the children of the separatists have not been hurt and are some of the best read and educated children in Kashmir. Only the children of other people must protest and must take the bullet. How else will the support to the separatists be evident? How else will you prove to the separatists that you really admire them? Support them by dying of course.

Daily Earners are not Kashmiris

A daily earner, who depends on a rehri or a shop cannot be a kashmiri. Why should anyone care about those people who are trying to feed their families by earning meagre amounts of money. Shopkeepers, daily-wagers, vendors can all die of hunger. The cause of freedom from India must remain.

Youth who die in Hartals bring glory

The separatists give calls for Hartals and the youth are at the forefront of stone pelting. When an old man dies, not many shed a tear but when a young boy dies thousands appear in gratitude. Why should the youths become doctors, engineers, lawyers and artists? The youth can bring glory only by taking a bullet. This is the best way to prove allegiance to the troika.

Education of students

It is disturbing and saddening that some people want their children to get education in Kashmir. Sadly with the number of hartals, the school and colleges are shut for most of the year. The students then come and study in Jammu and other parts of country and then start making big careers. This cannot be allowed. Kashmiris must understand that supporting the separatists is the one and only way.

Just as NIT cannot be moved from Srinagar, Kashmir will never be separated from India. But the separatists must be supported at all cost.