Five Things You Can Do With The New Rs 2,000 Note


Is the Rs 2,000 note a great idea? When small currency is short, who will take a Rs 2,000 note and give back the change? We racked our brains and came up with this list of things to pay for, which would be well-served by the new Rs 2,000 note.

1. Filling up your petrol tank

With petrol price averaging Rs 70 in Jammu, filling up the fuel tank of a regular car would cost Rs 2,100.

2. Paying the monthly rent


People can now pay their rent with fewer notes. Since many landlords only accept cash, this can certainly come in handy.

3. Purchasing your quarterly provisions

The average person can buy 25kg of rice and 10kg of atta and still have money to spare if a Rs 2,000 note is used.

4. Paying the school or college fees

Not including the medical colleges, since they charge such exorbitant fees to admit students, those in regular schools and colleges can pay their term or semester fees with fewer notes.

5. Showing off

Yes. People can show off that they are rich by flashing the new pink note, at the risk of getting robbed however.

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