Five toilets worth Rs 1 Crore at former Revenue Minister Raman Bhalla’s residence


The writ petition filed by social activist Prof S K Bhalla which is getting more famous everyday alleges erection of a fancy residence by former Revenue Minister Raman Bhalla on State Land in Khasra No. 781 min. The State Vigilance Organization (SVO) has filed a latest status report as per the directions of the State High Court issued on June 1, 2015.

The report by the SVO says that the former Revenue Minister purchased land which measures 1 Kanal 10 Marlas bearing Khasra Nos.778 and 779 and is located at village Deeli from three persons. The allegeation by Prof S K Bhalla is that a palatial residence has been erected by Raman Bhalla over State Land bearing Khasra No.781 min. This land abuts Satyam Resorts and Jammu Plaza which incidentally too have been constructed over the State land.

“The rough sketch of the plot in mutation No.4747/J shows that the plot has “Gair Mumkin Gali” at North, South and West Side of the plot whereas the actual construction (illegal) does not have three Galis and located at the left side of the road leading from Satyam Resorts to JK Resorts. Hence it can be established that all the concerned departments deliberately ignored the vital information and facilitated the illegal encroachment and construction on the State land”, says the SVO report.

“The concerned Patwari in his report dated 27-09-2011 has stated that the land is not a Nazool, JDA or Custodian. Another aspect of this illegal construction is huge construction cost disproportionate to the known source of income of Raman Bhalla. It has also been alleged that the cost of each bathroom exceeds Rs 20 lakh and there are five bathrooms in the building. The tentative cost of material exceeds Rs 5 crore”, the report further states.


“It has also been submitted that the Enquiry Officer has collected the record pertaining to the building permission accorded by the authorities of Municipal Corporation Jammu in favour of Raman Bhalla for construction of a residential building in Khasra Nos.778 and 779 of village Deeli, Jammu. The revenue record pertaining to the land bearing Khasra Nos.778 and 779 has also been obtained from the office of Tehsildar Jammu South by the Enquiry Officer. Statements of the witnesses from whom Raman Bhalla has purchased the land falling under Khasra Nos.778 and 779 have also been recorded. The record collected so far from the office of Tehsildar Jammu (South) and Commissioner of JMC is under scrutiny of SVO,” the report adds.

The SVO report also mentiones that the land situated at village Deeli on which Raman Bhalla has constructed his residential house has been demarcated by the revenue officials to ascertain whether the residential building in question has been constructed on the land bearing Khasra Nos.778 and 779 situated at village Deeli or in Khasra No.781 (State Land) as alleged in the complaint.

“The demarcation report is still awaited from the revenue authorities”, the report said, adding “spot inspection of the residential building has also been conducted by the officials of building and Khilafwarzi sections of Municipal Corporation Jammu to ascertain whether the building in question has been constructed as per the approved plan permitted by the Municipal Corporation, Jammu or otherwise. However, report is also still awaited for further scrutiny”.