Floating population of Rohingya refugees in Jammu can be dangerous

Jammu, November 13:  The recent killing of a ‘foreign’ militant in Kashmir has ignited a new fear among the security forces. During an encounter in Tral in October this year, security forces killed two foreign militants one of whom was identified as a native of Myanmar named Chota Burmi. He was shot dead along with his associate Adeel Pathan.

With the population of Rohingya (in Myanmar) refugee muslims settling down in Jammu and after the killing of Chota Burmi, there  are increased fears of the Rohingya refugees falling prey to terror outfits active in the valley.

Chota Burmi’s real name was Abdur Rehman al Arkani or Abdur Rehman of Arakan. He was found to be the resident of state Rakhine in Myanmar which is believed to be the home for persecuted Rohingya Muslims.

These refugee muslims are settling down in good numbers in Jammu city and have always remained on the terror radar.

As per an official, the intelligence agencies have raised the issue with the Ministry of Home Affairs and called for a fast and appropriate action to solve the problem of the population of Rohingya Muslims floating to Jammu.

According to the sources, there are about 1,219 Rohingya (Burmese) families, comprising 5,107 members, who are staying in Jammu after being hounded out of Myanmar.

The Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, during the autumn session of the state legislature in Srinagar last month said that there are about 1,219 Rohingya (Burmese) families, comprising 5,107 members, who are staying in Jammu after being hounded out of Myanmar. Almost all of the refugees live in the Narwal Bala area on the outskirts of Jammu city.

“After being scratched out  of Myanmar, these poor Rohingya families are being radicalized under a well-knit game plan so as to exploit them in terror activities. Not to forget that some NGOs with dubious credentials provide them basic amenities while education to their children is being provided in as many as six madrasas,” the source added.

Mufti during his speech also claimed that 4,912 Rohingya refugees living in Jammu had United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) cards while 186 of them were without cards.

An official working in a counter-insurgency force said that the killing of a Burmese militant in Kashmir can be proved upsetting because Pakistan’s ISI has got into Myanmar, where Rohingyas are being persecuted.

These people can easily be exploited for terror attacks by various terror outfits with a high possibility of Rohingya youth being lured into the radical path. However, Intelligence Bureau has kept an eye on these people.

IGP, Jammu zone, Danish Rana, also claims of keeping these people under a constant watch and said that there is no recorded evidence of their involvement in any subversive activity in the state so far, some of them were found involved in petty crimes.

A defence official described this floating population of Rohingya refugees as a ‘ticking time bomb’ that may take a heavy toll if not defused in time.

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