Rs. 2437 crore interim relief released by Centre for J&K flood rehab

Jammu and Kashmir news

Home Minister Rajnath Singh, along with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced a relief package of Rs. 2437 Crore for Jammu and Kashmir, while addressing a press conference today.

Rajnath Singh said that a Common Minimum Program has been initiated and the ruling parties are committed to the state’s full-fledged development. The PM too had monitored the situation, following which additional package of Rs. 762 Crore was issued. After that the PM announced a relief of Rs. 1000 crore as an additional amount for the flood affected people of J&K.

The devastating floods had resulted in massive loss of property, lives, infrastructure in both, Kashmir and Jammu. Singh added, “Today we have decided to allocate more funds for the state. We are providing an additional¬†ex-gratia relief of Rs. 500 crore and Rs. 1000 crore for restoration of damaged structures”

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that Jammu, Kashmir and Leh-Ladakh have special focus for our government and all the three regions are in need of balanced growth. A team of bureaucrats including the members of Niti Ayog and Expenditure Secretary will study and prepare a long term developmental vision for the state. He also added that an additional foodgrain for the state has been approved. Loss of property is massive and NDA will rebuild more than 75,000 houses for the poor, that has been damaged or broken because of the wrecking floods.

He added that a special grant to revise tourism in the state has also been announced and 12 tourist locations in the state will be rebuilt. He told that last year, Rs. 2602 crore and this year Rs. 2437 crore has been released to the state. A total of Rs. 5000 crore has been released in total for Jammu and Kashmir flood relief.


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