Foggy weather grounds flights to and from Srinagar

Srinagar, Nov 25: All flights to and from Srinagar were cancelled on Wednesday for the third consecutive day as foggy weather resulted in poor visibility at the international airport here.

“While morning flights were cancelled due to poor visibility, flights in the afternoon were delayed initially as we expected visibility to improve. Since there was no improvements in visibility, all flights to and from Srinagar have now been cancelled,” an airport official said.

There were no flights to and from the valley in the last two days, except two Air India flights that landed here on Tuesday but could not take off due to bad weather, the official said.

Weather office forecast improvement in visibility from Thursday onwards as rain is expected in Jammu and Kashmir plains in the next two days.

“Light rainfall in the plains and snow in the higher reaches of the state are expected during the next two days. This will clear the foggy weather conditions,” Sonam Lotus, director of the local meteorological office, told IANS here.