Food items in Wave Mall priced higher than usual


By Citizen Journalist Pallavi Sharma

wave mall

I recently went to watch the movie PK with a friend  of mine in the new entertainment hub of Jammu-  Wave Mall. The movie tickets cost me around 300 for two which is expensive compared to the other theatres we have in the city but then again, this price is worth the cost as the Cinema Hall is equipped with good audio and visual systems and the sitting capacity is quite a lot with well cushioned seats. But I was disappointed when during the interval I bought the food items from outside my movie hall. A popcorn bucket which is available in much lower price in other theatres, made me shell out 250 bucks and even the soft drinks available were priced higher than the usual theatres. These items are available at other places within 100 bucks but the Mall seemingly is taking heavy advantage of the locals. In the name of entertainment, these theatres should not be allowed to loot people. Wave Mall being a new multiplex and also the largest one so far, invites a good amount of youth and the authorities are taking massive advantage by allowing them to charge hefty amounts for minor food items, that almost everyone ends up buying along with their movie tickets. A regulator should be set up to check such looting of the locals.

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