Food review: Chicken MoMos, Last Morh, Gandhi Nagar


momoMenu: Chicken MoMos

From: MoMo Hut, Last Morh, Gandhi Nagar.

How I came to know? Office mate, Nameta, raving about the quality of its thin dumpling and Chinese/Tibetan menu in general.

Ambience: Located in a main market location, easily accessible but have to climb very narrow stairs which gave me second thoughts of going in. First you come across the kitchen, unusual, then the restaurant comes as a surprise. Air-conditioned, music and fit for a casual hang out with friends. Looked neat and spacious enough even for a moderate to large group. Chinese balls and red interiors do give a Tibetan feel which is, however, contrasted by the local hits being played in the back ground. Music not loud enough.


Service: I came after work and had to rush home early. So ordered the chicken dumplings as a take out. Was attended instantly. Took 10-15 minutes for the take out to get ready and in my hands. Not really bad. Quite Quick, in fact.

Food: We have been doing well so far but it all comes down to one last thing- The Chicken Dumplings. As professed, yes, dumplings had been worked out fine and beautifully made. Filling is good but the quantity felt a little less. The taste of the momos as a whole is pleasant and you would want for the second helping. The only concern is the unimpressive sauces! Two sauces are served, sweet and chilly. The sweet one is just too bland. You might have to taste it alone to know if it is sweet at all. But the real deal breaker is the chilli sauce. I’m not much of a chilly fan but I do crave a little of it. But this sauce had steam blowing through my ears. Had to gulp down a lot of soda to overcome the burns it inflicted on my tongue, which I still feel in my stomach and it’s been more than an hour since I’ve had them. So if you are going to have them anyway, just go a little easy on the sauce.


Service: 4/5 pretty fast!

Ambience: 3/5 not bad, decent enough.

Food: 2.5/5, the main food however is good in quality and taste, the sauces need a work on!

So, the best momos in Jammu? Not quite! I have had better.

Alternative Recommendations: Balgotras sweets, Disco Road, Janipur; not a restaurant, but a multi-utility sweet shop that sometimes serve these amazing nuterella veg momos that are just rightly spicy and leave you craving for a second time.

Yo china! Still leading in Chinese in Jammu.