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Food Security Bill a landmark step, set to alleviate poverty in the country: Taj

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TAJ-3Srinagar : Describing the recently enacted Food Security Bill as a landmark step to alleviate poverty in the country, Minister for Medical Education, Youth Services & Sports, Mr.Taj Mohiud Din today said the move would enable people living below poverty line to have decent two square meals and make hunger history in India.

Addressing a well-attended public meeting at Pologround here today, the Minister said the historic legislation, the enactment of which would invoke the Central Government an expenditure of Rs. 1.35 lac crores, was made possible only because of a determined and dedicated leadership at the centre. He hailed the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi for the pro poor bill adding that this showed the keenness and resolve of the central leadership to take people of the country on the higher planes of progress, prosperity and development.

The Minister said the Governments at the Centre and State at present have been pro poor and recalled many pro poor steps taken by the State and Central Governments. He said the Government has passed Land Acquisition Bill to ensure that farmers and land owners have a better say during acquisition processes of their lands and they are compensated adequately. He said the aim is to empower people which is the goal of the present Government at centre and the State.

Mr.Taj said many revolutionary steps and big ticket projects are under execution in the State which would give J&K a turnaround and pace up its economy and social standards. He said at present projects and programmes worth Rs. 38, 000 crore are under implementation in the State.

Criticizing some vested interest groups and political parties for their short sighted policies, the Minister said their policies are aimed at dividing people and societies. He regretted that these communal parties are dividing people and said the recent untoward incidents at Kishtwar are a proof of it. He said he was himself mediating between groups of people for three days and it was so difficult to control passions and tempers on both sides.

Appealing people to reject these communal and regional forces, Mr.Taj asked them to strengthen democratic forces and ensure that rule of law is ensured and not the anarchy as these groups propagate.

The public meeting was addressed by former legislator, Haji Abdul Rasheed and other leaders.

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